Why planning your next trip will make you happier
Why planning your next trip will make you happier

Why planning your next trip will make you happier

We can’t wait for the travel restrictions to be lifted so that we can pack our bags and book our next holidays. It’s going to be a two week trip to South Africa, through the winelands and then on to safari, with another week on one of the lesser-known Greek islands for seven days of slow mornings and plenty of sunshine, feeling the sand between our toes, with a boat trip or two and hours of reading all our latest book recommendations…

But whilst we can’t go anywhere at the moment, we’ve heard that there are actually lots of benefits to even just the planning phase of your holiday, so we did some research, and here’s what we found.

Your happiness is boosted just by daydreaming

According to a study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, the anticipation of a holiday boosts happiness for up to eight weeks. It also suggests that you’ll stay happier for longer afterwards if you’ve enjoyed a really relaxing break. Which sounds to us like our next stay should be a remote island stay where barefoot luxury is the order of the day.

Rome by @alisaanton

Short trips have a similar impact to longer trips

Because there is so much joy to be had in looking forward to a stay, the study suggests that having more frequent, shorter trips (where all you need is hand luggage), could have a better overall effect than one long trip. The length of the holiday itself didn’t seem to directly correlate with increased happiness overall. So that means, the more the merrier. We like the sound of that.

Chicago, Illinois by @alisaanton

Talking about your trips can make you feel happier

The study also suggests that talking about a holiday, either face to face or online, can also boost the enjoyment we experience in this stage of anticipation. The more we plan and daydream, and communicate what we’re looking forward to, the happier we will be. And that’s never more relevant than now. Maybe even getting out your luggage helps too (though that wasn't in the research...)

12 Apostles by @carleyscamera

So we need to start planning asap

The obvious conclusion to all this, is that even though we’re grounded, we can still daydream, and that is proven to make us happier. So, let’s all start planning our next travel itinerary, whether it’s a short break in Berlin or a fortnight foraging in the south of France, so that as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, we can get moving all the faster.

Mount Maunganui by @worldwanderlust

And join us for a mini digital daydream in the meantime

We’re also posting some #60SecondHolidays over on Instagram here, so check in with us at 7pm every day for the foreseeable, to find out where we’ll take you next. Each post will take you on a mini escape, and you’ll find yourself transported there in real time. See you there.

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