Antler X Travel Secrets – The Podcast with Tanya Rose
Antler X Travel Secrets – The Podcast with Tanya Rose

Antler X Travel Secrets – The Podcast with Tanya Rose

Antler is the exclusive launch partner for Travel Secrets, the debut podcast by travel industry expert Tanya Rose.

In Series 1, Tanya engages with well-travelled personalities from across the globe who share their most memorable travel anecdotes and personal recommendations, aiming to inspire fellow travellers in discovering the hidden secrets of destinations.

As the founder of luxury travel agency Mason Rose, Tanya is one of the travel industry's most knowledgeable and connected personalities, serving as an authority on luxury travel. Her belief that travel is the ultimate leveller and connector between people aligns seamlessly with Antler's values, 'for those who travel often'.

Guests include celebrated actor Mark Strong, pioneering fashion designer Anya Hindmarch, British entrepreneur Trinny Woodall, restaurateur Ruth Rogers, and many more. The Travel Secrets podcast offers a mix of relatable insights and perspectives, along with invaluable tips for listeners planning their own travel adventures.

Tanya Rose

Tanya Rose - Host of Travel Secrets - The Podcast


Tanya shares her travel secrets with Antler, answering our 10 questions on travel;

What inspired you to start the Travel Secrets podcast?

Ten years ago, I wrote a book called Travel Secrets featuring my favourite Hotels and 4 travel secrets to go with each destination. The best bit of the book were the interviews with my well-travelled friends and now a decade later, I was asked to embrace the digital age by turning the interview format into a podcast. I hope that by sharing mine and my guests’ Travel Secrets, l will create a community of Fellow Travellers who are as fascinated by travel as I am!

What do you hope listeners gain from tuning into Travel Secrets?

I hope that my podcast is a light and easy listen, full of exclusive anecdotes and stories from my guests, who disclose their travel tips from perspectives shaped by their different vocations, from film to writing and fashion. No two episodes are the same! With this, I hope to enlighten my listeners on how to get under the skin of a destination. This podcast won’t change your life but it might just change your plans.

What does travel mean to you?

Travel is my oxygen; I could not live without it. I love to create connections and there is no better way to do this than by travelling to different places and understanding new cultures. I think it is so important to see the world through other people's eyes.

As a travel specialist, what are the most memorable destinations you’ve visited?

There are too many to mention as I am so lucky that I travel frequently for work. Every place that I go to holds a special memory for me.

However, my favourite memories revolve around travels with my family, such as growing up and skiing in Gstaad, flotilla holidays in Greece, as well as multi generational holidays in Sardinia at Forte Village and La Columbe d’Or in St Paul de Vence, where I spend a few weeks every August.

What is your top travel tip for those looking to explore new destinations?

My best advice is to try to befriend people that live or come from where you are visiting and ask friends / travel experts before you go where The Locals go. Try to be a "traveller" and not a  "tourist". ‘The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.’

"I love to create connections and there is no better way to do this than by travelling to different places and understanding new cultures."

Tanya Rose

Do you have any packing hacks/tips?

I have learnt SO much from my guests since starting my venture into the world of podcasting and I am really taking their tips for packing light on board.

My friend Trinny Woodall is a brilliant packer and she has offered to give me a personal tutorial! My tip is to watch her packing tutorials on Trinny London’s YouTube channel.

What are some essential items you always pack in your suitcase?

I always take my Bamford wrap for nights because no matter where you are in the world, it always gets cooler when the sun goes down.

I never forget my Anya Hindmarch silk eye mask. It helps me sleep well even if there’s a time difference. In the same vein, I always remember to pack Melatonin to help me tackle jet-lag because I am usually on the run from the minute I touch down in a destination on business.

Favourite city/place that you have travelled to in the world?

I adore Istanbul, where East meets West. There is nowhere quite like it, it’s such a vibrant city. I'm going back there next month to stay at the newly opened Peninsula Hotel on The Bosphorus and I am SO excited!

Most authentic place you have ever travelled / been to?

Definitely Dinton Hot Springs in Colorado. I took me days to get there but when I arrived at this tiny old mining town, where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hide out when they famously robbed the bank in Telluride, I felt that I could just stay there forever.

You are so close to nature when snow shoeing, waterfall ice climbing and bathing in the natural hot springs. It is so high up that I collapsed during dinner on the first night and it took me a few days to acclimatise to the altitude. The owners weren't at all surprised - apparently it happens all the time!

Which Antler product do you always travel with?

I am obsessed with my Packing cubes, my field green Stamford cabin bag and the weekender bag on top of the cabin bag. Everything that I need for my business trips fits into that combination of Antler products - every frequent traveller needs them in their collection!

Travel Secrets – The Podcast is available to download on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

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