Photographer Vicky Grout
Photographer Vicky Grout

On starting young and being on the move with photographer Vicky Grout

Fresh from shooting the latest campaign for the new additions to our Bamburgh collection, we caught up with London-based photographer Vicky Grout.

Antler Bamburgh travel and weekend bags

How did you become a photographer?

It started early for me — I first got into photography when I was about nine or 10, after becoming fascinated by my godmother’s camera. I later stumbled upon my family’s old holiday camera (a small 35mm point + shoot) and I’d take it everywhere with me.

Antler Bamburgh travel and weekend bags

Can you describe your photography style in three words?

Raw, candid, fun.

Who are you dreaming of photographing next? And who have been some of your favourite people to photograph in your career thus far?

It would be my dream to photograph Frank Ocean and SZA, also Doja Cat (again!). Some of my favourite people to shoot have been Jorja Smith, Unknown T, Joyce Wrice, Kaytranada, Mahalia, Rimon, to name a few!

Antler Bamburgh travel and weekend bags

What inspires you?

So many things — there’s inspiration everywhere. Music, fashion, love, travelling, my friends…

Where is your favourite place in the world, and why?

I don’t think I have a favourite place yet! I still have so many more places to tick off the list, but some of my favourites are New York, Marrakech, Pula, and of course my hometown — London.

What did you enjoy the most about working on Antler’s ‘A Day in the Life’ campaign shoot for Bamburgh?

I really enjoyed the pace of the shoot, it was nice to shoot more product-based photography as opposed to people and portraits, so that was a really enjoyable brief. It’s also fun to be shooting more on the move as opposed to being static — moving between locations and the narrative of how the products integrate into our daily lives, really helped shape the direction.

Antler Bamburgh travel and weekend bagsTell us about a typical day in your life and where you’d take your Bamburgh…

On days when I’m not shooting, I’d still usually carry a camera with me, even if it’s just a small point + shoot. You never know what you might see or who you might bump into! I might be heading to my lab to get my film processed, probably stopping off somewhere to do some work and grab something tasty to eat (I’m lucky to have so many options given it’s London!), sit in the park to read my book (if the weather permits) and then I usually finish the day by meeting some friends.

Vicky shot Antler's latest Bamburgh collection of modern-multi-purpose bags for those on the move. Follow Vicky Grout.