What to pack in Antler hand luggage
What to pack in Antler hand luggage

What to pack in your hand luggage (and what to leave behind)

So, you have a very-well-deserved getaway on the horizon, but you’re not sure what you can take in your hand luggage (and what to leave behind). Since nothing kills the dreamy holiday vibe faster than unexpected airport charges or forlornly watching your cabin case be wheeled away to the lonely hold, here’s a handy guide to acing your hand-luggage. The only hard bit? Deciding where to go and which Antler cabin case to take with you. PS We recommend our classic Clifton range, updated in two new summer-ready hues, or our whisper-quiet Stamford range, our quietest suitcase yet.

What can you take in hand luggage?

1. Passport or other form of ID

Have your vital docs close to hand. You could even place them in your mega-cute Clifton Mini for maximum chicness.

2. Phone and charger

Stay charged up on the go. Did you know that our Stamford Cabin has an in-built USB port for phone charging? (Charger and batteries not included.)

Antler Stamford cabin suitcase with charging port

3. Face masks and hand sanitiser

Face masks are still mandatory or strongly recommended on many flights, and hand sanitiser will keep your paws squeaky clean, wherever they go.

4. A change of clothes, including undies

Stay fresh by having a change of clothes and undies at the ready. Drape a scarf or warm layer around your shoulders to stay warm during flights and to maximise your valuable hand-luggage packing space. Throw in some snuggly bed socks for ultimate on-board comfort.

Antler cabin suitcase being packed

5. Headphones

Travel essentials. Opt for noise-cancelling ones with comfy cushioning for happy ears and minimal distraction. Download your favourite albums, podcasts and perhaps some guided meditations to keep you entertained and calm in transit.

6. Refillable water bottles

Travelling is thirsty work, especially if you’re flying. Collapsible water bottles take up even less space in your hand-luggage.

7. Daily medication

Keep your pills close by and keep your bottle filled with water for easy swallowing.

8. Valuables

Rather than worrying about the fate of your treasures in the hold, keep them safe in your hand luggage. We suggest packing them away neatly in our handy packing cubes or in a Clifton Mini.

Antler packing accessories

9. Toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, face mask

Give your teeth a clean after meals/coffees on the go and use gentle face wipes to refresh your complexion and keep it looking radiant. If you’re on a longer flight, pack a sheet mask to hydrate your skin while you fly. Keep everything together in a Chelsea Mini Organiser; just pick your favourite hue.

Antler Mini Organiser

10. Eye mask

Take a silk eye mask with you to help you snooze in style in transit.

And what items are prohibited in hand luggage?

Some of these restrictions are very familiar, some might come as more of a surprise…

1. Liquids

Keep liquids to a maximum of 100ml. Buy empty 100ml containers and fill them with your favourite products from home, or pick up travel products before you fly. Make sure they all fit within a single transparent and re-sealable plastic bag. Liquids include items such as mascara, lip gloss, spray deodorants and toothpaste.

There are some exceptions to the rule, such as baby food and milk, and essential medicines of more than 100ml, but you’ll need evidence from a medical professional for the latter: a letter from your doctor or a copy of your prescription, for example.

2. Corkscrews

If you want to take your favourite corkscrew with you for stylish holiday wine times, put it in the hold. Similarly, knives, large scissors and non-safety matches are a no-go.

3. Work tools

If your ideal holiday involves DIY, take heed: tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and drills (plus more obvious forbidden items like saws and blowtorches) can’t come in hand luggage.

4. Flammable items

No fireworks; no multiple lighters. However, you can bring one lighter as part of your carry-on liquid allowance, placed in your clear plastic bag. Candles are counted as a liquid, so don’t fill your hand luggage with fragrant Jo Malone beauties. (Sorry.)

Antler Clifton Vanity Case and Clifton Mini

5. Tent pegs

Festival lovers and happy campers, take note: although tent poles are allowed in hand luggage, tent pegs are not!

6. Certain foods

Food items and powders in your hand luggage can obstruct images on x-ray machines. Your bags may need to be checked again manually by security. You can put these items in your hold luggage to minimise delays. Food with a high-liquid content such as sauces, condiments etc will be counted as liquids, so will need to be 100ml or less, and fit in your resealable plastic bag.

7. Sports equipment

Pretty much all sports equipment – from badminton rackets and bats to skis and walking poles, fishing rods and martial arts equipment – must go in the hold. The exception is a sports parachute, which counts as hand luggage if it’s within your airline’s weight and size allowances.

Antler Clifton suitcase

Find your perfect piece of Antler hand luggage here.

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