Antler Chelsea Overnight Bag in Navy
Antler Chelsea Overnight Bag in Navy

5 ways to use our best piece of hand luggage

Our Chelsea overnight bag is one of the smartest bags you’ll own and we're pretty confident it will become your best piece of hand luggage. Designed to match, and work with, our Clifton suitcases, here’s our guide to five ways to use it. We’ve built in some useful features to the holdall too, so first up, here’s a quick re-cap...

Chelsea holdall overnight bag by Antler The Chelsea overnight bag has a back sleeve that unzips so you can slot it over a suitcase handle — it then sits on top of your case, held in place, which means you can take the weight off your shoulders when wheeling your luggage around.

The bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap (it will be inside the bag in a pocket when you order), as well as a small back pocket that’s perfect for your passport; another small, zipped pocket inside for your keys and phone, plus some extra interior slip pockets, including a slot of a 13” laptop.

So, here are our top five ways to make the most of it.

1. As a gym bag Chelsea overnight makes a good gym bag

Now that gyms and offices are re-opening, our Chelsea overnight bag is the perfect size for packing your gym kit, trainers and water bottle when heading to a class or fitness session. It’s smart enough to look great if you’re heading to the office or even a real life meeting (remember those?). With a laptop pocket and space for your charger, notebook and wash bag too, it’s roomy enough without being too big.

2. As hand luggage

The Chelsea overnight bag is the perfect piece of hand luggageThe obvious choice, but this really is the perfect bag to take with you to the airport and will be the best piece of hand luggage you own. The function of the back sleeve, that unzips to slot over a suitcase handle, is extremely handy when you’re wheeling all your luggage to the check in desk, and the pockets are perfect for ensuring your passport and tickets are close at hand. The overnight bag is also the perfect size to slot under the seat in front of you on a plane, ensuring your book, noise cancelling headphones, extra layer of clothing and eye mask are easily accessible, without climbing over your neighbour to rummage around in the overhead locker.

3. As a hospital bag Chelsea overnight bag with Clifton cabin suitcase by Antler

If you’re expecting a baby, we’ve heard from many of our customers that the Chelsea overnight bag is the perfect sized holdall to use as a hospital bag. Having it ready to go about three weeks before your due date is advisable, and whilst it naturally depends on how much you want to take with you, this Chelsea holdall will comfortably carry a change of clothes or two, a wash bag, snacks, and all those other essentials. You can always pack a Clifton cabin case too, which is super easy to wheel rather than carry.

4. For an overnight stay

Chelsea overnight bag by Antler

The clue is in the name, but those basics you need for a one-night stay will fit perfectly in this overnight bag. Wash bag, make-up bag, book, water bottle, a change of clothes, it will all drop in beautifully, with enough room to carry everything you need without looking so big your hosts will worry you’re planning to outstay your welcome... Pack your charger and tech accessories in one of our mini organisers too, to keep those cables neat and tidy.

5. As a baby bag

Chelsea overnight bag holdall by Antler

We all know that babies come with a certain amount of additional baggage, and this Chelsea overnight bag also works well as a stylish bag for daily use. Bottles, nappies, snacks, muslins, small toys, wipes — the ultimate list of ‘just in case’ items will fit perfectly inside, so you can still look chic whilst you’re multi-tasking.

The Chelsea overnight bag and comes in a range of contemporary colours, available here.

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