What size suitcase should I buy, a medium or large?
What size suitcase should I buy, a medium or large?

What size Clifton suitcase should I buy, a medium or large?

It can be tricky to decide which size of suitcase you should take for your trip. It’s a question we’re frequently asked — you’re going away for a week, so which size is best, the Clifton medium suitcase or the large suitcase? If this sounds like a familiar dilemma, read on.

The short answer is there’s no one size we can recommend easily without asking a few more questions. Because of course, what size suitcase you need will depend on several variables — what type of holiday you’re planning, where you’re going, and who you’re packing for. So here are the questions to ask yourself, to help you decide which size Clifton suitcase is best for you.

Antler Clifton hard shell suitcase

Who are you packing for?

If you’re packing for one (ie, just you) for a 7-day trip, then a medium Clifton suitcase should be more than big enough. The medium suitcase measures 29 x 45 x 67cm so you might want to pull out your tape measure at home, to give you a better idea of what those dimensions look like before you order.

The Clifton medium suitcase has enough space for you to pack whatever you’ll need for a week, whether that’s a week-long stay in the sunshine where light layers are the order of the day, or a UK-staycation where you’ll need to pack bulkier clothes like jumpers and jeans, for changeable weather.

If you’re packing just for yourself, and away going for a week somewhere sunny where you’ll only need summer clothes and swimwear, you might even be skilled enough to streamline your packing into a cabin suitcase, with a smaller bag for hand luggage, such as our Chelsea overnight bag. We’ve done it before, and of course the added benefit is you can breeze right out of the airport if you’re flying. But this one is only for the light packers amongst you.

If you’re packing for your family too, for example your two children, then it’s likely that for a week, a large suitcase will be a better choice. The large Clifton suitcase measures 34 x 51 x 80cm so it’s definitely on the generous side.

If you want to be organised, try our packing cubes, and pick a different colour for each family member. That way, it will be easy to see whose clothes are where and unpacking on arrival will be a much simpler task.

Antler Chelsea packing cubes

How long are you going for?

If you’re going for a week then as we’ve mentioned above, think about who you’re packing for and that will help guide which size of case you need.

If you’re going for a fortnight, then again it will depend on who you’re packing for and what’s on the agenda. A medium Clifton suitcase could be large enough for two-weeks if it’s just for you, especially if you’re a streamlined packer and you plan your outfits before you go to limit packing things you won’t end up wearing. But if you’re packing for a family, for two-weeks away, then a large Clifton suitcase is likely to be a better option.

Antler Clifton suitcases and Chelsea travel bags

Where are you going?

A UK staycation will naturally need plenty of options for the changeable weather — jumpers and a raincoat, boots and bulky shoes and wellies or walking boots. A medium suitcase should still suffice for a UK holiday if you’re packing just for yourself, but you might find a larger holdall, such as the Chelsea weekender, for bulkier items like shoes and a hairdryer, is useful to throw in the car, too.

Again, for a family, a Clifton suitcase in large is likely to be the most useful size for you for a UK break. Though of course, it depends what size your family is. Two large suitcases and two cabin suitcases should be plenty for a family of four, or you might feel that one large, one medium and two cabin suitcases also works for the same number of travellers.

Antler Clifton set of three suitcasesInstagram/Hedvigso

Where are you staying?

If you’re checking into a hotel where towels, shampoos and conditioner will be provided and you’re not bothered about taking your own favourite bathroom products, then this will of course save a lot of space in your luggage.

If, on the other hand, you’re going on a beach holiday where you’ll need to take your own beach towels, or staying in self-catering accommodation and need to take your own bathroom products, then you’ll need to factor that into your packing when deciding what size suitcase you need.

You might also want to check if your accommodation provides a laundry service or has a washing machine if it’s an Airbnb or self-catering accommodation, as doing a wash part way through your trip can be another great way to cut down on how many clothes you need to take.

In summary…

As you can see, which size suitcase you’ll need for your holiday will depend on various things — who you’re packing for, how long you’re away, where you’re going and what your accommodation provides in terms of amenities. Hopefully this article has helped a little with making that decision.

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