Andoni Beristain shoots Antler Luggage Clifton in Ochre
Andoni Beristain shoots Antler Luggage Clifton in Ochre

On travel, inspiration and the colour yellow, with Andoni Beristain

Based between San Sebastian and Barcelona, this season’s campaign is shot by photographer and artist Andoni Beristain, who uses strength of colour to produce work with a bold, striking aesthetic that’s full of optimism. Here we talk to Andoni about his creative process, and what inspires him.

Where do you find inspiration?

In everyday life, watching movies and series, walking on the beach, travelling, listening to music… My ideas come to me from everyday objects and situations. I always have an eye on things that have lots of colour and I’m very attracted by strange shapes and compositions.

How important is travel to you and your work?

Very, very important. Travelling is what I like the most — finding new places and of course, locations. Meeting people around the world is very inspiring for me. Travelling is what I most enjoy doing when I have free time too; if I have to travel for work of course that's even better.

Andoni Beristain for Antler Clifton Luggage in Ochre

Andoni Beristain for Antler Clifton luggage in Ochre

What do you want to communicate through your photography?

My ideas and feelings, mostly. I try to communicate what I have inside through the camera and the compositions I create. It’s my way of feeling free and telling people what I need to.

The colour yellow comes through strongly in your imagery — is this a colour you’re particularly drawn to?

I’ve always loved yellow, since I was a kid. No one liked it and I was the different one, hahaha, and yes, it’s still my favourite colour. I’ve used it a lot in a personal project dedicated to my mum called Pieza Madre — she also loved yellow and it’s been a way of representing her.

Andoni Beristain for Antler Clifton Ochre luggage

Andoni Beristain for Antler Clifton luggage in Ochre

What approach did you take when shooting the new Ochre luggage for this campaign? What did you want to show and how did the campaign come together?

I wanted to play with colour and composition with amazing locations where the new luggage could sit against a backdrop with strong contrast, and to be able to create strong images, working together or as single, stand alone captions. I also wanted to tell and represent that the luggage and the colour itself are atemporal, and perfect for different kinds of places and climates.

See the full campaign, and shop the new Clifton luggage in Ochre here.

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