New year around the world
New year around the world

New year around the world


Ringing in the New Year at home with friends and family? Heading overseas? Either way you probably have a New Year tradition or two from singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ to watching fireworks as Midnight strikes. Hoping for luck, money, happiness or travels for the year ahead? Make your wishes come true with some of these New Year traditions from around the world..


This without a doubt our favourite tradition that we all need to start celebrating. In the hope of a travel filled New Year grab your (Antler) suitcase and run around your block as fast as you can. If you do this correctly, you are absolutely guaranteed to travel in the coming year – time to book those flights!


Las doce uvas de la suerte, "The twelve grapes of luck" is a Spanish tradition that dates back to 1909 . The challenge involves eating one grape with every chime of the clock at midnight to secure 12 months of luck and happiness for the year ahead.


Start of the New Year Danish style by rounding up all your broken bits of china and smashing it against your friends’ door in a sign of affection and everlasting friendship! Alternatively leap into 2019 by jumping up and down on chairs with friends and family in the hope of good luck.


If you are travelling to Brazil head to the beach, light some candles and throw flowers towards the sea as an offering to the Goddess of the Sea, Yemenja. Every year thousands of Brazilians carry out this tradition on New Year's Day or the day before, hoping that she will grant their wishes for the coming year.


Heading to the Philippines? Dress in polka dots to bring in wealth as the round shape is a symbol of prosperity. On New Year's Eve locals like to surround themselves with round shapes, from wearing polka dot patterns to displaying 12 round fruits at the dinner table and filling their pockets with coins.


New Year's Eve has traditionally been the time for fortune telling and predicting of the future in Finland. One of the most popular tricks performed is the casting of tin. Everyone gets a small piece of tin, cast in the shape of a miniature horseshoe, a traditional symbol of good luck. The horseshoe is melted and the shape of the resulting cast are interpreted to predict the various future events of the coming year. Different shapes have different meanings, promising either good luck or health.

Wherever you are spending New Year we wish you a happy, healthy and travel-filled 2019. Shop our luggage and travel in style this year.