Inside Access: Everything you need to know for a weekend in Hamburg
Inside Access: Everything you need to know for a weekend in Hamburg

Inside Access: Everything you need to know for a weekend in Hamburg

Up next in our city guide series, we head to Hamburg where Sonny Hicken lets us in on what not to miss.

Sonny Hicken

The first thing you should do on arrival in the city is...

Head to the harbour and enjoy a “Fischbrötchen” — it's a type of fish sandwich particular to northern Germany so it's a must-do!

For coffee I always go to...

Elbgold on Lagerstrasse, or to the Nord Coast Coffee Roastery – both of them have their own coffee roasteries on site — they're both amazing and do the best coffee in town.

My favourite brunch spot is Balz und Balz which has some really creative brunch optoins, and Was Wir Wirklich Lieben for fresh, healthy and colourful plates.

Best coffee places in Hamburg

The best casual lunch locations are..

Small restaurants in the Sternschanze district. You can sit outside and enjoy some Turkish food or Spanish tapas, but you can also have slices of pizza to go, or some typical German currywurst. Everyone can find their favourites here.

For cocktails I love...

All the places in the Sternschanze district too – it´s easy and relaxed and everybody is in a good mood.

If you’re looking for a unique wine bar, I’d recommend Weinladen in St. Pauli. The owners are great and there is a really wide selection. In summer, everyone is outside, it´s crowded, but always friendly and welcoming. And another favourite — if you're in the mood for dancing, head over to Clockers bar, it's really fun.

Clocker's Bar

I love going for dinner at...

Every place around the districts Sternschanze, Eimsbüttel or Eppendorf. I love Witwenball as they have a select menu and a great wine selection. But you should also check out Bistro Carmagnole; they have a French menu and I love eating cheese and drinking wine there. If you want something casual and love pizza, you should have dinner at Luigis and eat the best pizza in Hamburg. It's located in the Portuguese district, near to the harbour.


To relax in the city I head to...

The Alster, it's the big lake, which is located in the middle of the city centre. There are a lot of parks and coffee shops close by so you can rest or just stroll around.

My favourite independent shops are all the little shops in the streets Eppendorfer Weg and Osterstraße. Check out LIV or Frau Hansen. For interiors you can also head to Lys Vintage.

Lys Vintage

For a slice of culture, you can’t beat

Deichtorhallen— a contemporary art gallery with amazing exhibitions. There are two halls; one is for photography only.



The best places to stay in the city are...

Airbnbs in the districts of Eimsbüttel, Eppendorf or Sternschanze – they are close to the city centre, but still have their own “Kiez”, which means their own small centre so you can feel like a local. But I also recommend the George Hotel — it's near the Alster (the big lake) and has an amazing view over both the city itself and the water.

George Hotel

What are the travel essentials you always pack in your hand luggage?

Definitely my iPad and Airpods, so I can relax when I'm on the move. And especially nowadays, I need some hand sanitizer! And hand cream – I´m obsessed with it and need it every five minutes!

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