A style guide to Ghent, Belgium
A style guide to Ghent, Belgium

Inside Access: a Style Guide to Ghent

In the next of our Inside Access city guide series, we catch up with @JuliusGod to get his take on the places to be seen in his home city of Ghent, Belgium.

A style guide to Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is a city that has a lot of beautiful things to offer so it's worth just getting out and exploring when you first arrive, to get a real sense of the city. Going for a stroll or a bike ride in the city centre is a perfect way of getting your bearings, whilst taking in some fresh air.

You can go for a walk to Ghent’s most beautiful city park — it's called 'The Citadel Park' and it's on the brow of a hill between the rivers Scheldt and Lys.

Citadel Park in Ghent, Belgium

The best coffee shop in town is…

I always believe that a day without coffee is like... just kidding I don’t actually know how that feels! I'm a very big coffee lover, and I can’t go a day without it. For me Koffeine is the perfect place for great coffee with a cozy atmosphere and friendly service. It's also a nice place if you don't drink coffee, as it has awesome and very yummy homemade cakes and delicious pastries!Koffeine coffee shop in Ghent Belgium

Try the cheese cake and coffee combination— my favourite — or the Zokaccino Frambozen. I can't really make up my mind between these two actually, so just try them both!

Koffeine in Ghent, Belgium

Koffeine in Ghent, Belgium

The best lunch locations are...

One of my favourite places to go and enjoy a good lunch are Uilenspiegel, that has a very homey and peaceful atmosphere. They serve traditional Flemish and French dishes as well as seasonal recommended dishes. They are also best known for their pie called Tilly’s Vlaii.

Uilengspiegel restaurant in Ghent, Belgium

Uilengspiegel restaurant in Ghent, Belgium

For drinks out, I'd recommend...

I don’t drink but I can say that if you're looking for a spot to grab some cocktails and delicious wine I would recommend you to go to Yalo restaurant & bar.

Yalo restaurant and bar in Ghent, Belgium

The Cobbler is also another beautiful spot, it's a boutique hotel with a bar that has a with a unique atmosphere and ambiance.

The Cobbler in Ghent, Belgium

My go-to places to shop…

I like exploring different options when it comes shopping. I normally go to classic stores like COS and Arket but I also love vintage shops like Thinktwice — seeing a piece that you didn't expected to find and knowing it's completely unique. If you're in Ghent and you like vintage clothing, I would highly recommend it because they always have some beautiful items.

Ghent is well known for its different and beautiful cultural spots such as...

S.M.A.K is an idiosyncratic and contemporary art museum. Lovers of contemporary art absolutely can’t afford to miss it.

Museum of fine arts in Ghent, Belgium

The Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK) is the oldest museum in Belgium. Here you'll discover masterpieces of European painting and sculpture from the Middle Ages to the present day, with a special focus on Belgian art from the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

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