The September Issue: If you only buy one new suitcase...
The September Issue: If you only buy one new suitcase...

The September Issue: If you only buy one new suitcase...

Here are 13 (yes, 13) reasons why you should make it this one...

Stop your search—we've launched our Clifton suitcase and it’s everything you could possibly want in a suitcase, and it’s as stylish as it is ergonomic and robust.

Every element is designed to last longer, function better and make your journey smoother than ever before. Available in a palette of modern neutrals, Clifton comes in taupe, blush and mint.

Read on for why it's the only suitcase you'll need in your life.

1. It wheels like a dream

With four 360° double-spinner wheels and a twist-grip handle to ease pressure on your wrist (particularly good when your suitcase is packed to its limit), Clifton can change direction like the nippiest sporting hero.

2. It's seriously strong

We’ve sourced one of the strongest materials out there for the shell (Makrolon® polycarbonate), and the 10-year warranty will take you up until the year 2029. Just think of all the places you’ll have been with it by then…

3. The cabin size won't catch you out

Airline hand luggage allowances vary. The Clifton cabin is 50 x 40 x 20cm, so it will fit the luggage allowance for almost every airline, including Ryanair (at the time of writing, if you pay for priority boarding...).

4. You can pack more in

With its spacious shape, compression packing straps, and an expander zip (on the medium and large), you’ll be able to squeeze in that extra set of hammam towels you found in the souks. And with the flex in the shell, it won’t sag or bend when full.

Clifton suitcase by Antler

Our packing cubes start at £30 for a set of 4.

5. It's light on its feet

No one likes luggage that’s heavy before you’ve even started packing, so every element of the Clifton suitcase is designed to be premium, durable, but as lightweight as possible.

6. It won't cost the earth

At £164 for the cabin sized suitcase, if you travel with it once a month over 10 years, that’s a cost per use of just £1.37. And it's built to last far longer than that.

7. It's scratch resistant

The process used to make the shell ensures that any inevitable scratches will stay true to the colour of the case.

8. The zips are magic

Clifton has what’s called a super strong ‘self-healing zip’ – it will fix itself if you get anything trapped in it.

Match the Clifton case with a coordinating Chelsea bag

Get the set - the matching Chelsea daypack is £80.

9. There are pockets-a-plenty

With four interior pockets, you’ll find space for all your bits and pieces as well as a water-resistant pocket for your swimmers, for that last minute dip.

10. You can coordinate your travel look

We’re also launching an overnight bag and day pack plus packing cubes in the same three colours. The benefits of our packing cubes? You can separate your trousers from your tops, they’re super convenient for multi-stop trips, they have compression zips to pack more in, and are ideal for those who don’t want to unpack on arrival.

11. It's got the only lock you'll need

Clifton has a TSA combination lock that can be opened easily by airport security staff in over 20 countries, without being broken open.

12. Grab it any which way

With ‘grab handles’ on the top and side, it doesn’t matter how you lift this suitcase, you’ll find a handle for it.

13. Easy storage for the set

We know you don’t travel every day of the year, so we’ve streamlined your storage – each suitcase size slots inside the other, like a set of Russian dolls.

Shop the full Clifton range of hard-sided suitcases here.