How to pack your suitcase for organised travel
How to pack your suitcase for organised travel

How to pack your suitcase for organised travel

We've got nine tips for staying organised when you travel, so whether you're packing for just two nights or two weeks, here's our guide to everything you need to keep your luggage neat and tidy this holiday season.

1. Write a list (early)

For many this will be stating the obvious, but never start packing without a list. It will help ensure you don’t overpack, or forget any essentials. Start your packing list a week before you travel, so there’s plenty of time to add things you might not normally need, like your brother’s Christmas present...Antler Clifton cabin suitcase

2. Pick out your bags or suitcases

Decide what type of bag or suitcase you need for your trip the week before and (and this is the important bit) get it out of the loft or hall cupboard immediately to check it’s in good shape. You don’t want to be packing the night (or even 2 days) before, only to find the suitcase you haven’t used since last year has a broken handle and you didn’t get round to doing anything about it.

3. Use packing cubes

Use packing cubes. Packing cubes are a frequent traveller’s best friend, and are useful whether you’re away for a two nights or two weeks. They come in different sizes so pack your underwear and socks in one, tops and trousers in another. On arrival, simply lift them out of your case — there’s no need to fully unpack. They’re particularly helpful for staying organised on multi-stop trips too, and for keeping the room tidy.Antler Chelsea packing cubes

4. Go easy on the shoes

Shoes take up a lot of space, so try to only pack pairs that are versatile, like a pair of boots for day trips that also double up for striding out on a festive countryside walk.

5. Use shoe bags

Invest in shoe bags — it's time to upgrade from the supermarket carrier bag. They’re essential for keeping the rest of your packing clean and odour-free. Antler Fenchurch recycled wash bag

6. Keep a wash bag ready packed

If you’re a frequent traveller, always keep a wash bag packed and ready to go. That way you won’t forget your essentials like your toothbrush or contact lenses. If that means keeping double stock at home of bathroom products or make up - do it. It’s worth it as what you pack in your wash bag rarely needs to change depending on your location, so it will save you time before you travel.

7. Use mini organisers

Use a mini travel organiser (or two) to keep small essentials neatly in one place. Your tech kit like a laptop charger, phone charger and earphones will sit neatly in one, and a toothbrush and toothpaste, mini contact solution and emergency paracetamol will be useful in another. Keep them in your hand luggage for easy access. Antler Chelsea mini travel organisers

8. Careful with the house keys

Pack your house keys somewhere very secure (you don’t want them falling out of your bag unnoticed) and memorable (forgetting where they are for two weeks and then not being able to find them when you’re desperate to get in, isn’t fun). Our Chelsea daypack has a useful key clip in the front pocket. Or place them in the inside small zipped pocket of our Clifton cases. If you choose the latter, just remember to take them out before the journey home so you have them to hand when you reach the front door. The same rule applies to the car keys. Antler Chelsea daypack

9. Don't forget the snacks

Always pack some snacks. Train delays, excess traffic, the car breaking down, waking outside of a mealtime when on a long haul flight, and missing the chance to spontaneously eat out because France is closed on Sundays... there are endless reasons hunger can strike at an inopportune moment, and hangry travel is stressful all round. Keep an emergency stash of “dry” snacks like nuts or cereal bars that won’t go off if you forget they’re lurking in a dark corner of your hand luggage. We don’t recommend bananas.

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